Message from CEO

Since the founding of our company—originally called Odajima Kibutsu Seisakujo K.K.—in Tsubame, Niigata in 1965, we have focused our efforts on product development and manufacturing using advanced metalworking techniques that have been cultivated in Tsubame.

When it was founded, the Company initially manufactured stainless steel vessels, such as bowls and round trays for commercial use, as the times have changed, so we have shifted our focus to using our metalworking techniques to the manufacture of stainless steel vacuum bottles. However, overseas production became common even in the market for steel vacuum bottles, and we felt compelled to revamp our business model. Thereupon, in order to further develop and strengthen our manufacturing, we joined forces with our stainless steel supplier, Kosei Co., Ltd. to create our current company Seven seven Co., Ltd.

To strengthen our development and sales after our integration with the Kosei Group, we opened the SUSgallery in Gaienmae, Tokyo to communicate the charm of our metal products, including our stainless steel line-up. SUSgallery was subsequently established as our company’s brand.

Manufacturing in Tsubame continues to change unabated along with the times, and we are mustering the power of everyone involved in the manufacturing process, both inside and outside of our Company, to further improve our technical capacity with the years of experience we have accumulated so that we may both surprise and inspire our customers with our high-quality manufactured products that make the most of the materials at hand.

Carrying the made-in-Japan pride that we do, we will use our techniques to contribute to both our customers and society, as we continue to constantly challenge ourselves and grow as a company of professional artisans.

President&CEO Shuichi Shibuki

代表取締役社長 澁木 収一