【New Releases】

We will release SUSgallery new products below on Fri. November 25th.
【Product Name】
「TITANESS Tumbler Sour」(Item No.: S-160)Mirror, Matte, and Sepia.
【Release Date】
November 25th., 2016.
*We will launch initial sales of these products on Nov. 4th at our company store SUSgallery Coredo Muromachi.
TITANESS Tumbler Sour ≪Mirror≫ (Item No.: S-160Mi) ¥14,000(Tax excluded)
TITANESS Tumbler Sour ≪Matte≫ (Item No.: S-160Ma) ¥16,000(Tax excluded)
TITANESS Tumbler Sour ≪Sepia≫ (Item No.: S-160S) ¥18,000(Tax excluded)

The new TITANESS Tumbler Sour (160ml) is perfect for serving tea, coffee, and whatever your favorites to the guests spending special moment together. We also recommend this tumbler to be used for enjoying both cold and hot Sake.