【New Releases】

New item will be released on Tuesday, August 1st, 2017.
Our stainless steel thermal bottle and tumbler series, “tsutsu” has been finished the production in December 2016.
We started researching and verifying the manufacturing process, and now it turned into more simple and lighter.
This new light and stylish “tsutsu” series can be incorporated into the lifestyles of many, from small children to the elderly, and will make your everyday life more beautiful.

【Product Name】
365everyday tsutsu light series (13 items)

【Release Date】
Tuesday, August 1st, 2017
※We will accept the pre-order at our company store, SUSgallrey COREDO Muromachi.

tsutsu-B270(tsutsu bottle light 270)¥5,000(+tax)
tsutsu-B360(tsutsu bottle light 360)¥5,500(+tax)
tsutsu-T200B(tsutsu tumbler light 200 Black)¥4,500(+tax)
tsutsu-T200W(tsutsu tumbler light 200 White)¥4,500(+tax)
tsutsu-T200R(tsutsu tumbler light 200 Red)¥4,500(+tax)
tsutsu-T270B(tsutsu tumbler light 270 Black)¥5,000(+tax)
tsutsu-T270W(tsutsu tumbler light 270 White)¥5,000(+tax)
tsutsu-T270R(tsutsu tumbler light 270 Red)¥5,000(+tax)
tsutsu-T360B(tsutsu tumbler light 360 Black)¥5,500(+tax)
tsutsu-T360W(tsutsu tumbler light 360 White)¥5,500(+tax)
tsutsu-T360R(tsutsu tumbler light 360 Red)¥5,500(+tax)
tsutsu-WB270(tsutsu wood cup bottle light 270)¥10,500(+tax)
tsutsu-WB360(tsutsu wood cup bottle light 360)¥11,000(+tax)