Privacy Policy

The company makes the following information public in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

Purpose of Utilization of Personal Information

At any time that the company obtains personal information delivered in written form directly by a customer, the company shall clearly indicate to the customer the purpose of utilization (when informing the customer of pertinent information via the post, email, etc.; when signing up for an event or the like; when responding to an inquiry; etc.).

Disclosures to Third Parties

The company shall not disclose personal information it has obtained to a third party without the prior consent of the customer (other than in the following exceptions). Exceptions: when acting in accordance with the law, when disclosure is urgently required in order to protect the life of a person or to protect a person’s body or assets, or when collaborating with a partner company to carry out business (with the partner company being asked to properly handle the personal information).

Disclosure, Corrections and Deletion

In the event that a customer wishes to inquire into their information, the company shall disclose in accordance with prescribed procedures. If, as a result, the company receives a request for a correction or deletion, the company shall comply.


The company shall comply with applicable laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information and shall take necessary and appropriate steps in order to secure it.

Personal Information Service Desk

Please use the contact information below for inquiries concerning the company’s handling of personal information.

Seven seven Co.,Ltd.
300 Hanami Tsubame-shi,Niigata,Japan

Effective October 1,2017
Seven seven Co.,Ltd. President & CEO Hiromu Kurita